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Property insurance

Property insurance

AlfaStrakhovanie offers you a personalized and exclusive program of real and personal property insurance. It ensures the highest level of protection for your property interests.

  • Exclusive programs

    We do not recommend that you use mass standardized insurance products. A personal manager can help create a contract that meets your insurance situation.

  • Comprehensive insurance

    AlfaStrakhovanie is always near. In one agreement, you can insure for civil liability to third parties and to protect your loved ones against accidents.

  • On-site completion

    You do not need to waste time driving to an office. You can use your car for other things. Your personal manager can prepare all of the necessary documents at your home and you only need to sign the contract.

  • Independent examination

    Relations with our clients are based on an objective professional evaluation and consultation. If there is an insurable event, a loss specialist and a representative from an independent expert organization, will come to assess the extent of damage.

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