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Compulsory motor insurance act (OSAGO) came into force on July 1, 2003. From that moment you are obliged to insure your civic responsibility that ensues from a traffic accident. Without an OSAGO policy you can not pass technical inspection, as well as register your car.

From January 1, 2004, traffic police imposes fines of up to 8 times the minimum wage on drivers who have no OSAGO policy.

Only members of Russian Motor Insurers Union (RSA)have the right to provide this service to vehicle owners. AlfaStrahovanie is one of the founding members of the RSA, authorized to implement OSAGO program (Licence No. 2239 77 of 13.12.2006), and an official representative of RSA for implementation of compensation payments to victims. Director General of AlfaStrahovanie is a member of the Panel as well as RSA Board.

Benefits of OSAGO policy:

  • The policy guarantees that the insurer will reimburse damage suffered by other parties in a traffic accident in case of your guilt.

According to the law, maximum amount of insurance payment for death and injury can not exceed 160 thousand rubles per victim:

135 000 rubles - to persons who are entitled to a compensation in case of death of a breadwinner;
no more than 25 thousand rubles - for burial costs reimbursement to persons who incur these costs.

If case of damage to property of a few persons, maximum insurance benefit amounts to no more than 160 thousand rubles, in case of damage to the property of a single person - not more than 120 thousand rubles.

  • Number of insurance claims is not limited - the insurer will be responsible to the victims of each of your accidents.

How much does a policy cost?

The cost of OSAGO policy in all insurance companies is the same and depends on base insurance rate, territory of prevalent use, car engine horsepower, age, driving experience, and other parameters (insurance rates in accordance with Federal Law number 40 for OSAGO are approved by the Resolution of Russian Government).

What papers are required for issue of policy:

  • identity document (if the insured is an individual);
  • certificate of state registration of legal entity (if the insured is a legal entity);
  • vehicle maintenance checkup certificate (vehicle passport, a certificate of vehicle registration, technical passport, technical leaflet or similar document);
  • driving license of the person that is admitted to access the vehicle (if the contract for OSAGO insurance stipulates admission of limited number of persons to driving).

What is direct settlement of claims?

Direct settlement of claims is a procedure of claim settlement you can use if you entered into OSAGO insurance agreement later than March 1, 2009. From then on, if you are the victim, you can apply for reimbursement to your insurance company, i.e. a company with which made an OSAGO insurance contract, but it can be done only under the following circumstances:

- If the accident only caused harm to a vehicle only (only property damage);
- If the accident involved no more than two vehicles and both drivers have effective OSAGO policies;
- If the accident occurred after March 1, 2009.

What is the simplified drawing up of accident papers?

Simplified drawing up of accident papers is a procedure of drawing up all the necessary papers without involvement of traffic police. This procedure can only be employed if your OSAGO contract was made after March 1, 2009. You can complete the formalities for the accident without the participation of traffic police only under the following conditions:

- If the accident only caused harm to a vehicle only (only property damage);
- If the accident involved no more than two vehicles and both drivers have effective OSAGO policies;
- If both drivers agree on the circumstances of the accident;
- If the amount of damage does not exceed 25 000 rubles.
If the amount of damage claim exceeds 25 000, the insurance company processing your application, will reimburse you ONLY 25 000.

Please note, that if you or the other participant of the accident signed an OSAGO contract before March 1, 2009, you may not refer to this procedure, but require presence of a traffic police officer for issue of the papers necessary.

You may obtain the policy as early as the next day. 

The address for collecting the policy: Hietasen Portti, 48200 Kotka tel.
+358 5213777, fax +358 52219308.

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