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If you like to travel and often go on business trips to near abroad and overseas, a travel insurance policy is what you need. An insurance policy will help you avoid unexpected expenses that may arise during the trip due to sudden illness, injury or incident.

Moreover, insurance policy is a mandatory requirement for issue of a visa with consulates of many countries, whether you are coming for business or leisure. Typically, this is required by the law of receiving country.

Obligatory insurance for persons traveling abroad is required by such countries as Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, France, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Israel, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Estonia.

How insurance works?

Service to our customers around the world is provided by GVA-Global Voyager Assistance, a global service company that is affiliated with International Assistance Group (IAG). GVA provides our clients with a separate dedicated phone line that allows access to a Russian-speaking telephone operator in Turkey, Egypt, Switzerland, Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Finland, Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, France and Thailand.

In the event of an emergency, you are required to call a telephone number specified in your policy to contact GVA that will arrange the entire necessary medical or other assistance.

What is reimbursed under an insurance policy?

An insurance policy provides protection for the insured against unforeseen expenditures associated with provision of medical, legal, administrative and other assistance abroad, including sporting activities (which should be stipulated in the contract).

Following expenditures are reimbursed under an insurance policy

  • medical outpatient and inpatient care;
  • associated with transportation and repatriation;
  • resulting from for cancellation of the planned trip;
  • loss of luggage;
  • associated with civil liability to third parties.

What determines the price of the policy?

The cost of insurance is determined depending on the country of temporary residence, the sum insured, the number of days spent outside of permanent residence, selected program and deductibles.

When engaging in professional or amateur sports, factors are applied to basic cost.

Where can an insurance policy be bought?

A policy can be purchased in a sales office in Moscow or in more than 300 representative offices across the country, as well as travel agencies or next-door to foreign embassies.

If you have questions about insurance for your trip, please call 7 (495) 788-09-99 (ext. 2101) or send an email to

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