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Life Insurance

«AlfaStrakhovanie» Insurance Group offers long term accumulated life insurance. An agreement is concluded for the certain period of 5 years and over. The insurance payments are not imposed to the income tax.

  • In the case of an accident a customer gets money on treatment. The payment amount depends on the severity of an injury.
  • An insurance payment is also provided in the case of disability. By the end of an agreement the customer gets the capital s/he wanted to accumulate.
  • In the case of death of the policy holder his/her family will get the financial support.

The Reliability of the Policy

The capital will be secured regardless of the economical situation in the country as all the sums stated in the agreement are set in the foreign currency equivalent. 

The Advantages of Life Insurance in «AlfaStrakhovanie» Insurance Group

  • «AlfaStrakhovanie» Insurance Group acknowledges its obligations with the consolidated authorized capital in the amount of 2.5 billion RUR.
  • The long term investing programs are developed by the specialists up to the world standards.
  • The customer is free to choose the payment mode: once in half a year, annually, or nonrecurrently. The customer sets the amount of the future indemnity based on the necessary insurance coverage and financial ability.
  • The insurance coverage comes into force right after the first insurance contribution.
  • In the case of the yearly death of a family supporter the capital meant for his/her children will be increasing at the expense of the funds of the insurance company.
  • The customer decides whether to get the accumulated money right after the termination of the insurance agreement or to get them in the form of life pension (annuity).

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