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Mortgage insurance

«AlfaStrakhovanie» offers the program of integrated mortgage insurance. On the creditor’s demand (bank) the following is necessary to insure:

  • risk of death or disability of a borrower;
  • risk of loss and damage of estate property of a borrower that was pledged to a creditor (bank);
  • risk of loss of the mortgage object when the borrower’s right on the estate property cease to have its force.

The insurance sum is defined by the insurance conditions and terms correlated with the bank and usually amounts 100%-110% of the balance of the borrower’s mortgage debt per a credit agreement. The amount of the insurance sum is changing in accordance with the changing of the balance of the mortgage debt per a credit agreement during the insurance period.

The amount of the annual insurance contributions is calculated in accordance with the insurance conditions

and data you provided in your application form and documents you presented. Age, sex, health state, occupation, number and type of the previous estate property bargains, and other factors are of the great importance.

The insurance premium is paid by the annual contributions during the term of the insurance agreement.

The term of the insurance agreement equals to the term of the credit agreement. The insurance agreement terminates when a borrower pays off the mortgage debt.

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