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AlfaRENOVATION+ - an innovative product of AlfaStrahovanie Group. By purchasing an
AlfaRENOVATION+ policy, you insure your apartment, property and civil liability at the same time.

Subjects of insurance:

  • apartment shell
  • decoration of the apartment
  • household goods
  • valuable property
  • civil liability

Options for insurance coverage:


Fire, lightning, explosion of gas used for household purposes.


Same as "Economy" + damage by water from water supply and sewerage, heating and fire suppression systems, burglary, robbery.


Same as "Standard"+ malicious acts of third party, falling flying objects or debris, natural disasters.

AlfaRENOVATION+ Benefits:

  • the policy can be issued on the basis of oral statement
  • selection of subjects of insurance in any combination
  • you can optimize the cost of the policy by selecting a set of risks for each subject of insurance
  • you can include an additional risk for household goods in the policy
  • additional renovation-related risks can be included into coverage
  • the policy can be issued for virtually any period
  • payment can be made by installments
  • applicable for insurance payouts of up to 50 000 rubles without provision of the certificates from competent authorities
  • insurance compensation amounts to damage without taking into account any proportions
  • compensation for damaged interior decorations is reimbursed without deducting for depreciation

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