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Insurance of objects of cultural value

You are fond of collecting? Foresee future growth of your art gathering? Are you into antiques? You believe that art is a good way to invest? Or maybe you do not buy, but sell works of art being a gallery owner or art dealer?

This means that in your home, office, workshop you keep values greater than money or jewels treasures of culture. Works of art, antiques, other collectibles - all this propertys value is definitely determined by its cultural, historical or commemorative significance. With that in mind, you are probably worried about keeping you own or collected works of art safe and protecting yourself from the risk of losing money invested in a collection, or the risk of damaging other people's possessions that are kept at your place; after all, these objects are of highest value and responsibility for their loss is enormous.

To help you avoid financial losses associated with the loss of or damage to art objects and collectibles, we offer a special insurance program. And we consider it not merely provision of insurance services, but a form of cooperation with you in preserving our culture.

    Property covered by this insurance type:

  • Items (regardless of time of manufacture), uniqueness, historic and (or) cultural value of which makes their preservation necessary:
  • Paintings, drawings (authors as well as etchings, engravings), parsunas, etc.;
  • Icons, items of religious worship not in use because of their artistic, historical and cultural value, that are subject of collecting;
  • Photographs, lithographs, wood engravings, etc.;
  • Works of art created in mixed and special techniques;Works of decorative art made of any material (including small forms, as well as unique jewelry);
  • Works of decorative art made of any material (including small forms, as well as unique jewelry);
  • Other collectibles that are not works of art, but have scientific, historical, ethnographic, archaeological, memorial, artistic or any other kind of cultural value.

    Property that is specially designed or actually used for storage, exhibition, restoration, evaluation of art and (or) its production as well other activities performed in relation to property specified in subsection 1. Subject to insurance conditions chosen, insurance coverage may include coverage of risks such as loss and damage to the abovementioned property that occur for any reason ("all risk" insurance), except for those specifically stipulated in policy exclusions, or coverage of individual risks, such as:

  • Fire, explosion of household gas, etc.;
  • Damage by water;
  • Illegal actions of third parties - theft, robbery, arson or other forms of intentional infliction of harm by third parties;
  • Natural disasters;
  • Loss of one of the articles forming a pair (set);
  • Reduction of value due to damage from one of the sourced covered by insurance;
  • Acts of vandalism;
  • Terrorist acts.

While developing an insurance program for objects of cultural value, we did our best to take your requirements into account in advance, and therefore, offer, or with due diligence accept, the guidelines for flexible determination of the value of your property, as well as sum insured according to the contract (insurance policy for cultural value items).

We are confident that you can find our professional advice in for preparation and accurate drawing up of the list (inventory) of items from your collection as well as determining their value, fotographing, determining proper conditions of storage, handling, etc. helpful. We are ready to assist you in this, and, of course, guarantee observance of strict confidentiality regarding information received in the course of consulting or contract negotiations.

However, we are aware that your requirements to insurance will not only be related to the product itself, but the quality of service as well. And so we did everything to make you feel comfortable to work with us so we provide a separate phone number to contact our qualified staff who are ready to provide advice on any of your questions relating to insurance of objects of art and culture:

Andrey Kucha, Julia Gnirenko
Tel.: 7 (495) 788 0381

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