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If you are going to start a renovation, you choose a reliable contractor and use only expensive and proven materials and equipment. But is that really all you have provided for?

With AlfaRENOVATION SMR policy you can insure repair and finishing work, including all the materials and installed equipment, as well as civil liability to third party for damage to health or property.

A prerequisite for issue of AlfaRENOVATION SMR policy the availability of a contract for carrying out construction and assembly works.



    • simple and rapid drawing up of the contract;
    • does not require inspection of the venue for construction and renovations;
    • Only an application and a copy of the contract for construction and assembly works required for issue of policy.
    • All this is especially relevant when providing insurance for multiple tenants in commercial and office buildings.


    • affordable price: with the renovation project worth a million rubles, the price of the policy will be 5,000 rubles;
    • quick payout of funds for restoration of decorations and remedy of harm to life, health and property of neighbors;
    • AlfaStrahovanie takes communication with the victims and party at fault upon itself.

For more information on conditions of insurance and issue of policy policy, please call: 8800333 0999 (toll free for all regions of Russia), 8495788 0999 (for Moscow and Moscow region).

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