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AlfaSAIL - Russia's only comprehensive insurance product for owners of sailing and motor yachts, boats, personal watercraft, rowboats, designed for non-commercial use.

AlfaSAIL policy allows CASCO insurance of yachts (including optional navigation and other equipment, trailer for transportation of the yacht or boat), as well as civil liability of the owner (the so-called "OSAGO on the water").

CASCO reimburses for risks associated with complete destruction/loss of the insured object, as well as costs for elimination of the damage occurred as a result of:

  • accidents and dangers of navigation;
  • fire, explosion, natural disasters;
  • collisions with other vessels or floating structures;
  • failure of the lifting device during boat launch/lift;
  • unlawful acts of third parties, including robbery and theft

Damage to interior design, sails, optional equipment resulting from fire, explosion, collision and total destruction of the vessel is indemnified as well.

It is possible to additionally insure against damage related to transportation to the place of operation/ storage.

When insuring civil liability of ship owner to third parties, damage resulting from the following is indemnified:

  • collision of insured vessel with other yachts, boats, ships, floating or fixed objects;
  • death or injury inflicted on third party by insured vessel (reasonable expenses incurred because of hospitalization and treatment as well as funeral costs associated with the insured accident);
  • spills of fuel or other technical liquids;
  • removal of the wreck.

Maximum limit of liability to third parties is not limited

Insurance coverage is valid during the shipping season, the period of storage in the territory of yacht club or in slip dock, during repair, boat launch/lift.

Insurance coverage is valid in any territory in accordance with yacht or boat class, unless otherwise agreed during entering into insurance contract.

AlfaSAIL advantages:

  • new boats can be insured in the show room without inspection and without issue of documents confirming the value of the boat;
  • boats can be insured prior to registration with the authorities and obtaining vessel class certificate from GIMS or River Register;
  • insurance compensation for damaged parts paid without regard to depreciation (the "new for old" principle);
  • any insurance period (no less than one month/ flight);
  • insurance valid during participation in regattas;
  • option of paying by instalments

For additional information on conditions of small ship insurance and issue of the contract, please call 7 (495) 788-0-999 (ext. 54-55) or write to, adding "yacht insurance in the subject field .

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