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AlfaCOUNTRY is a classic property insurance product for physical bodies.

AlfaCOUNTRY provides insurance protection for:

  • Residential buildings
  • Saunas, utility rooms, barriers
  • Household goods within a building (furniture, appliances, audio-video equipment, interior objects)
  • Valuable property (objects made of precious stones and metals, antiques, objects of art)

AlfaCOUNTRY policy provides insurance protection against following events:

  • fire, lightning, gas explosion
  • natural disasters (earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, hail, etc.)
  • damage by water from water supply, sewerage, heating and fire protection systems
  • burglary, robbery
  • malicious acts of third parties
  • fall of flying objects or debris on insured property
  • explosion of steam boilers and other similar devices
  • breakage of window glass
  • collision with vehicles
  • risks associated with electricity
  • terrorism

Main conditions and advantages:

  • written application
  • choice of subjects of insurance at the discretion of the insured
  • choice of risks at the discretion of the insured
    policy may be issued for any period
    option of paying by instalments
    discounts for various categories of people
  • seasonal discounts

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