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Normal CASCO is a policy that allows you to feel confident on the road and avoid worries about the safety of your car. But if you drive carefully insurance may not be necessary, especially if you are an experienced driver.

Why should you overpay then?

«AlfaCasco 5050+»allows you to save up to 50% of a standard CASCO policy.

For 50% of the cost of a standard CASCO policy you insure the car against theft or total loss, i.e. upon occurrence of the insured event you will receive a full refund without any extra incurred costs. And if in an accident your vehicle gets damaged, you can either choose to repair the car at your own cost (if the damage is minor), or pay 25% of the policy cost to obtain full compensation for this accident. Besides, provided the accident did not happen, you can pay 50% of policy cost at any and obtain complete CASCO coverage. Thus, for the duration of "AlfaKASKO 50x50 +" you have no concerns about the safety of your vehicle, while all benefits of CASCO are at your disposal.

If during the term of the contract the insured event does not occur, you save 50% of the cost of the policy! We offer our clients a unique opportunity to get as big a discount because we want you to drive carefully and avoid accidents. This should be beneficial for both the insurance company and the customer!

"AlfaKASKO 50x50+":

  • Complete insurance coverage for only 50% of the cost of a policy
  • Rapid issue and convenient service
  • No hidden costs
  • Easy payment procedure
  • No restrictions to the place of car storage
  • Repairs at an insurer-recommended service station
  • Repairs at official dealer’s service station - for warranty vehicles
  • Reimbursement for evacuation of the vehicle from the place of accident
  • Repairs of one body item without paperwork *

* In case of payment of 25% of the insurance premium upon occurrence of the accident, no more than two times during the contract period.

Basic conditions of insurance:

- Minimum allowed age of persons admitted the vehicle - 28 years, provided their driving experience is more than 5 years.

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