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AlfaALL INCLUDED* - for customers who wish to get maximum insurance coverage, ready to rid themselves from any concerns related to settlement of insurance claims.

The possibility of obtaining insurance compensation up to 50% of the sum insured, without providing papers from competent authorities.

The insured chooses service center for repairs of the vehicle. In case of embezzlement, there is no need to wait for decision of the police to suspend the criminal case.

* Only for physical bodies with passenger cars.

Regardless of the product, you get*:

  • 24/7 customer service;
  • Reimbursement for evacuation of the damaged vehicle from the place of the insured event, without limitation to the number of cases;
  • Restoration at the service station recommended by the insurer (for warranty vehicles, at the service station of the authorized dealer) without customer's effecting payments;
  • The sum insured is not reduced by the size of actual insurance reimbursement;
  • Replacement of damaged parts on a "new for old" basis;
  • Storage of the insured vehicle without limitations to time and place;
  • Calculation of depreciation for wear and tear for �damage� as well as for "total loss" or "theft" in proportion to the policy period in days, not months;
  • Possibility to expand the territory of coverage beyond the Russian Federation.

* Conditions may vary in your region

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