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Insurance of property against fire and other risks

Insurance of property against fire and other risks

Interests of the insured associated with ownership, disposal and use of property are the subject of insurance.

Property, in relation to which the insured has proprietary rights (ownership, use, disposal) is subject to insurance as well as property received by the insured for trust management, rent, lease, brokerage, sale, as mortgage or deposit or on any other legal grounds, as well as acquired by the insured as loan and serving as security for this loan.

Insurance can be provided in relation to buildings, their interiors, equipment and implements, finished goods, commodities, raw materials and other movable property situated inside a building or in a specially equipped area.

An insurance contract may cover losses arising from damage to or destruction of property associated with following events:

  • fire, lightning, household gas explosion;
  • fall of flying objects or debris on insured property;
  • natural disasters;
  • explosion of steam boilers, gas storage facilities, gas pipelines and other similar machines and devices;
  • damage by water from water supply, sewerage, heating and fire protection systems;
  • burglary, robbery;
  • malicious acts of third parties;
  • cargo handling;
  • breakage of window glass, mirrors;
  • running-down by vehicles;
  • risks associated with use of electrical equipment;

An insurance contract may cover losses from business interruption and loss of rent resulting from events listed above.

Maximum amount reimbursed for each insured object is stipulated in the contract (the insured sum) and can not exceed actual value of the property at the time of insurance.

Insurance contract may be concluded for any period of time, usually a year.

Tariff rate depends on the insured property, risks, sum insured, conditions of the property’s operation, etc., and makes up a certain percentage of the sum insured.

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