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Insurance against construction and erection risks

Insurance against construction and erection risks

AlfaStrahovanie Group offers insurance against risks, which can be encountered by construction and erection organizations during work flow. AlfaStrahovanie Group uses an integrated approach to the needs of policy holders (customers and contractors), providing insurance coverage for property, liability, construction machinery and equipment against adverse events that may occur during execution of construction works.

Insurance risks.

A distinctive feature of insurance for construction and erection works (SMR) is the presence of specific risks, including:

  • installation errors;
  • damage to or destruction of construction materials, equipment to be mounted;
  • loss of or damage to the facility under construction;
  • subsidence, caving-in, landslide;
  • fall of high-mounted blocks and parts.

In this case, insurance against construction risks covers «all risks» — that is, any sudden and unforeseen events that are not excluded by Requirements for Insurance of Construction and Installation Works.

Subjects of insurance.

Insurance against construction and erection risks with AlfaStrahovanie Group provides protection for:

  • developments: new developments, subjects of renovation, restoration and modernization.
  • buildings situated next to construction site or parts of buildings as well as other property under control, management or responsibility of the customer or contractor which may be affected by construction and erection works.
  • temporary structures at construction site (temporary buildings, personal service rooms, warehouses).
  • construction machinery — construction machinery and special vehicles used to perform construction works.
  • property interests of policy holder (and/or persons whose liability is insured), relating to the need to compensate for damage caused during construction of life, health or property of third parties (third party liability insurance towards three persons in case of construction risks).

The cost of insurance.

The cost of insurance is calculated in accordance with all the features of a specific construction and erection project, including those based on the following construction documents and specifications:

  • contractor’s agreement;
  • project explanatory note;
  • project estimates and schedule of works;
  • license of the insured for execution of construction and erection works;
  • site master plan.

Following factors are taken into account for determining the cost of insurance:

  • exposure of the construction site to risks (climatic and geological conditions, such as likelihood of earthquakes, floods, land subsidence, etc.);
  • design features of the project and properties of building materials;
  • Methods and technologies of execution of construction and erection works;
  • qualifications and experience of the contractor in execution of this type of construction projects assistance and other factors.


High reliability of operations AlfaStrahovanie in the sphere of insurance against construction risks is backed by reinsurance programs in the largest companies of the world: Munich Re, Swiss Re, Hannover Re, SCOR, Lloyd’s of London.


Today, we are proud to have the following companies among the long list of our clients: Mirax-City Close Corporation, ST Donstroy Ltd, SK Stroimontazh Ltd, Renaissance Construction Close Corporation, Podvodspetstransnefteprodukt OJSC, TD MorRechStroy Close Corporation, Mostostroy № 6, SMU-53 Close Corporation, General Contracting Construction-Installation Management-1 Ltd.

Insurance payouts.

Any insurance event is examined in detail and verified by the experts of AlfaStrahovanie Group, if necessary — with the support of research institutes, construction companies, State Architecture and Construction Inspectorate (GASN), that document the fact of the insured event and make conclusion about the reasons for its occurrence.

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