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Insurance of machinery against breakage

Insurance of machinery against breakage

This type of insurance protects valuable interests of individuals against losses arising from unforeseen sudden internal damage of stationary machinery, equipment and other devices.

The insurance coverage is available in relation to the fixed machines, appliances, various mechanical equipment and devices of the insured (owner, tenant, lessee), including:

  • machines for power generation (steam boilers, turbines, generators, engines, etc.);
  • machines and equipment for distribution and transmission of power (transformers, high voltage switchboards, circuit breakers, power lines, etc.);
  • production and auxiliary machines (machining stations of different types, pumps, compressors, paper-making machines, etc.)

Machinery can be insured under condition that it is ready for operation, in good technical state, are in the required condition and were tested appropriately.

Under the insurance contract, damage or destruction (breakdown) resulting from following sudden unforeseen causes is recognized as insured accident:

  • errors in design, construction and calculations;
  • errors in manufacture and assembly;
  • casting and material defects;
  • unintentional errors in use and maintenance;
  • energy overload, overheating, vibration, balance shift, jamming, blockage by foreign objects, deformation resulting from centrifugal forces, «fatigue» of the material;
  • exposure to electricity in form of short-circuit, electrical current overload, voltage drop, atmospheric discharge (except lightning) and other similar events (including self-ignition);
  • hydraulic impact or lack of fluid in boilers, steam generators and other devices operating by means of steam or fluids;
  • explosion of steam boilers (rupture of boiler walls due to expansion of gas or steam), internal combustion engines, other power-supply units;
  • wind, frost, ice drift;
  • breaking of ropes and chains, fall of insured items, impacts with objects and other reasons of accidental nature.

The sum insured, within which the insurer shall pay reimbursement to policy holder (beneficiary) in case of insured event, shall be set in accordance with the insurance value of machinery, i.e. the cost of replacement of insured machinery with fully analogous equipment with regard to their operational and technical condition.

Insurance contract is typically concluded for one year, but may stipulate another period of insurance (e.g., term of lease).

Tariff rate depends on the type of property insured, risks, sum insured, operating conditions of the property, etc.

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