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Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance

In accordance with the active legislation a person caused damage to a personality, property of a person or a legal body is obliged to fully reimburse the losses. The legal body is fully responsible for the damage caused by an employee on duty.

The liability insurance gives the possibility to protect your property interests connected with this obligation and means that the insurance company reimburses the losses unintentionally caused to third parties by the insurant’s employees. Sometimes the losses amount a great sum and can cause serious financial implications to the insurant if s/he has no insurance, hence the purpose of liability insurance is to protect the insurant from the possible loss.

Insuring liability AlfaStrakhovanie not only reimburses the caused damage, compensates court expenses, and other expenditures on claims handling, but also can handle claims of third parties directly without the insurant involvement if stated in the insurance agreement.

AlfaStarkhovanie Group offers the most diverse range of liability insurance connected with the premises exploitation, dangerous production facilities, nuclear energy recourses usage, professional activity, and also with the liability for the quality of goods, work, and services.

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