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Cargo insurance

AlfaStrakhovanie Insurance Group offers the insurance services to the companies dealing with the transport, cargo, transportation under the customs control, forwarding and managing of transportation, and different means of transportation.

Transport insurance allows avoiding unexpected expenditures connected with dangers of cargo transportation, with the usage of different means of transportation, and also with the possible losses caused within the civil liability of transporters and cargo forwarders.

Within the transportation insurance «AlfaStrakhovanie» offers the following insurance products:

  • cargo insurance;
  • railway transportation insurance;
  • cargo container insurance;
  • civil liability of transporters and cargo forwarders insurance;
  • customs carriers professional liability insurance;

The services of «AlfaStarakhovanie» include the following additional services:

  • consultations and assistance in transportation organization, recommendations on the transportation documentation, minimization of the losses, and also on the creating of the interconnected logistics system;
  • consultation services on contracts execution and agreements of purchase and sale, creation the schemes of collaboration with providers and partners;
  • inspection of cargo and means of transportation by independent experts/surveyors, checking the reliability of partners (transporters, forwarders), help in protection and escorting of cargo, direct collaboration with the insurant’s partners (providers, dealers, branches);
  • 24-hour informational support during cargo transportation;
  • legal and financial protection of the interests of transporters and forwarders while on duty.

Cargo insurance

This type of insurance is intended for owners of goods and cargo to be transported by different transport means, and enables to indemnify loss in relation to damage or loss of cargo, whether a carrier is guilty o not. Terms and conditions of AlfaStrakhovanie contracts are in line with requirement currently placed to insurance coverage.

AlfaStrakhovanie offers the following cargo insurance products:

  • Policy for a Single Dispatch. Insurance is afforded on the basis of application for insurance. This insurance is applicable to a single dispatching of various type of cargo.
  • General Cargo Carriage Policy (Contract). This insurance is applicable to regular cargo transportation operations en agreed routes, or to transportation of cargo of a similar type. General Policy makes documents administration easier, and insurance covers all declared dispatches. Under General Policy various premium payment terms are available.

You can insure

  • Cargo to be transported by any transport means from and to any part of the world.
  • Transportation expenditures in relation to cargo transportation to point of destination.
  • Expected profit in amount not exceeding 10% of cargo’s sum insured pursuant to INCOTERMS 2000.

Insurance covers damage or total loss occurred as a result of carriage perils and hazards, or theft, robbery, assault related to robbery, military risks or strikes etc depending on scope of insurance coverage.

Indemnified will be loss as a result of damage or destruction (total loss) of cargo, expenses associated with damaged cargo salvage or repairs, expenses in relation with expertise.

Rates for Cargo Insurance

Type of transport means Insurance Rate
1 Motor 0,1...0,5%
2 Railway transport 0,1...0,5%
3 Air transport 0,1...0,3%
4 Water transport 0,1...0,4%
5 Combined 0,15...0,5%

Insurance rate is ascertained on the following basis: terms and conditions of insurance, cargo and packing type, transportation route, overloading, cargo value, volume of transportation, amount of deductible, availability of security and other factors.

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