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In the beginning of the year AlfaStrakhovanie won the Bank of the year award by in the «Best insurance company of the year» nomination.

In February AlfaStrakhovanie first on the Russian market launches AlfaCyber. It allows minimizing financial and informational risks practically of every business or company subject to cyberattacks.

In March AlfaStrakhovanie topped the national ASN (Agency of Insurance News) rating. The Russian RA Expert has risen AlfaStrakhovanie’s reliability rating up to ruAA+ level. AlfaStrakhovanie won Eurika award within the InnoIns Forum 2018 for insurance innovations. The number of users of the AlfaStrakhovanie Mobile app amounted to over 500,000 people.

In April AlfaStrakhovanie-OMS won the ‘Development of regions. Best for Russia’ award for the best regional CHI.

AlfaStrakhovanie Mobile app services became available for AlfaStrakhovanie-Life clients.

In May AlfaStrakhovanie launched unmanned aerial vehicles operator liability insurance. AlfaStrakhovanie first on the Russian market launched the product with instant payments in case of flight delay. AlfaStrakhovanie-Life team won Meaningful insurance product: the best investment decision on insurance market award. AlfaStrakhovanie updated its quality management system certificate ISO 9001:2015.

In June Fitch Ratings international rating agency changed the BB rating forecast from Stable to Positive.

In July AlfaStrakhovanie insured exhibit items of Space and Aviation Centre, the largest space museum complex, located at VDNH, the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy.


In January AlfaStrakhovanie launched AlfaGruz-Online, online service for cargo insurance. AlfaStrakhovanie became a risk coinsurer for FGUP Kosmicheskaya Sviaz by insuring 9 space satellites for more than RUB 41 billion.

In February the company received a Reliable supplier-2016 status following the results of the third annual research made by Fabrikant trade portal, the market leader of e-procurement.

In April AlfaStrakhovanie for the second time joined TOP-1000 successful suppliers rating by B2B-Center, one of the largest Russian e-auction systems.

In May Yougoria-Med and Asko-Zabota have merged to AlfaStrakhovanie-OMS. AlfaStrakhovanie-OMS for the second time won Consumer rights and quality of service award for the best mobile clients’ service.

AlfaStrakhovanie was listed at the Moscow Exchange and closed first deals on exchange market, becoming the first company making exchange transactions on stock market.

AlfaStrakhovanie won the sixth annual Travelers’ Choice award of TripAdvisor in the Favorite Travel Insurance Company nomination.

The Russian RA Expert has confirmed AlfaStrakhovanie’s reliability rating to be level ruAA, rating forecast Stable.

In July AlfaStrakhovanie and AlfaStrakhovanie-Life, one of the first users of the new instrument of deposit transactions with central counterpart on MOEX. AlfaStrakhovanie insured the launch of the carrier rocket Soyuz MS-05 to the ISS.

Fitch Ratings international rating agency confirmed the rating of reliability to be at BB level, rating forecast Stable.

In August AlfaStrakhovanie in partnership with the Moscow school of management Skolkovo and the international holding RBC launched Institut Riska, the risk-management educational project.

Early in August the number of users of the AlfaStrakhovanie innovative Mobile app amounted to over 250,000 people.

In November AlfaStrakhovanie yet another time became a market leader in travel insurance market by RAEX (Expert RA) international rating agency.

AlfaStrakhovanie Mobile app was downloaded over 320,000 times.

In December AlfaStrakhovanie received the highest rate of reliability by the results of the research performed by National Rating Agency in collaboration with Industrial Insurance Broker company. AlfaStrakhovanie was the first to launch online insurance settlement. The company won the international Global banking and Finance Review contest as the Best general insurance company Russia 2017. AlfaStrakhovanie’s sales volume via amounted to over RUB1 billion per month. The company launched a unique services for Russian and international insurance markets: now the clients can not only plan their visit to the doctor online through Alfastrakhovanie Mobile but also set the financial loss in terms of third party liability insurance on site of the car accident by sending all necessary documentation for insurance benefit payment via cell phone and Alfastrakhovanie Mobile app. By the end of the year Alfastrakhovanie Mobile is used by over 400,000 Russians.


In January KidZania, the Russian largest educational park, was launched. AlfaStrakhovanie became a partner of the project and developed several thematic zones.

In March AlfaStrakhovanie launched HR Lab. — laboratory of HR innovations focused on HR directors and personnel management specialists, owners and CEOs. The project allows accumulating all necessary tools and practices for successful engagement of employees against the backdrop of market turbulence.

In April the Russian RA Expert has confirmed AlfaStrakhovanie’s reliability rating to be level А++ Extra High Reliability Level, rating forecast Stable. Company joined TOP-1000 successful suppliers by B2B-Center, the largest Russian electronic trading platform for internal procurement.

In May AlfaStrakhovanie won the fifth annual Travelers’ Choice award of TripAdvisor in the «Favorite Travel Insurance Company» category. According to, AlfaStrakhovanie took the 3rd place in successful corporate insurers rating in 2015.

AlfaStrakhovanie-OMS was the first insurer to launch a mobile application, available to 14.5 million insured by the company (compulsory medical insurance).

In June the Russian Expert Ra rating agency recognized AlfaStrakhovanie as the leader in travel insurance market, and the international Tripsta online travel agency restated its leading status by naming AlfaStrakhovanie a company with the highest level of trust among Russian travelers. Company was awarded a prize in the Novosibirskaya marka contest for stability and professional competence.

AlfaStrakhovanie Mobile app received three awards in the Golden App 2016, the largest mobile app contest in the RuNet.

In July the Russian Expert Ra rating agency recognized AlfaStrakhovanie as a leader of banking risk insurance. Company received an official Reliable partner status for successful business development in Siberia.

In August AlfaStrakhovanie supported Galafest charity festival held in Ermitazh Garden in Moscow.

In September AlfaStrakhovanie Mobile app passed a milestone of 100,000 users. It was downloaded by 106,808 clients during 11 months.

In October the company was for the third time acknowledged the best insurance company in Russia by the British World Finance magazine and the Russian Expert Ra rating agency for the 14th time confirmed AlfaStrakhovanie’s reliability rating to be level А++ Extra High Reliability Level, rating forecast Stable. AlfaStrakhovanie was ranked first among top-3 leading travel assurers in H1, 2016.

AlfaStrakhovanie was ranked 168 in the RBC largest Russian companies rating, was included in 600 largest Russian companies rating and was ranked among top-5 insurance leaders by RAEX and Kommersant.

In October AlfaStrakhovanie CEO Vladimir Skvortsov and AlfaStrakhovanie-OMS CEO Andrey Ryzhakov became members of the general committee of All-Russian Insurance Association, while Ilya Kabachnik, Aviation Insurance Deputy CEO came into community board of the Federal Air Transport Agency of Russia.

Seven top managers of AlfaStrakhovanie were listed in the annual Top-1000 Russian managers rating of the Association of managers of Russia and Kommersant.

In November Fitch Ratings international rating agency confirmed the rating of reliability to be at AA-(rus) level according to the national scale and BB in the international one, rating forecast Stable. AlfaStrakhovanie was first insurer to launch AlfaBalli customer loyalty program.


In January 2015 AlfaStrakhovanie-Life LLC launched website in the new concept. On the updated resource, visitors can find all the information about the programs, download the necessary documents and get acquainted with the materials that will help to understand the accumulative life insurance.

In March The Group has also been rated by International rating agency Rating of Fitch and has the AA- level of reliability on the national scale and BB level on the international scale with the stable outlooks.

AlfaStrakhovanie Group announced participation in the Russian project KidZania, the largest international children’s project, which opens in Moscow.

In April Russian rating agency Expert Ra for the twelfth time confirmed AlfaStrakhovanie’s highest level A++ of liability.

In May AlfaStrakhovanie Group has passed the international ISO certification and obtained the certificate of international quality management system ISO 9001-201.

RAEX («Expert Ra») assigned AlfaStrakhovanie-OMS LLC the highest rating of reliability and service quality A++. The experts evaluated the quality and stability of the company’s exceptionally highest level.

In May 2015 Peter Aven, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AlfaStrakhovanie, was awarded the Order of Friendship.

In June 2015 AlfaStrakhovanie Group won the National Business Award «Captains of Russian business».

AlfaStrakhovanie Group won The National Company of the Year 2014 Award for the best insurance company.


In January 2014 within The Globes Awards Festival AlfaStrakhovanie got bronze for the Doomsday Insurance project, created by Deluxe Interactive agency.

In AprilAlfaStrakhovanie Group integrated Syberia Insurance Medical Company, AsStra Insurance Medical Company and AlfaStrakhovanie-MS into one company AlfaStrakhovanie-OMS.

In MayAlfaStrakhovanie became one of the most attractive employers in 2014 according to the annual rating by Universum.

AlfaStrakhovanie became a winner of the E-Travel Navigator award and took prize in online insurance nomination.

In June Iliya Kabachnik was elected Vice president of the IUAI, The International Union of Aerospace Insurers. Iliya Kabachnik is the first Russian representative in management of the Union.

Expert RA, the leading Russian rating agency, confirmed AlfaStrakhovanie’s A++ «Extremely High Rating of Reliability» rank. A++ is the highest value on the Expert RA rating scale and implies that the Company can carry out assumed financial obligations timely and in full both in short-term and in long-term.

In June Insurance program production assets SIBUR group developed and implemented «Sibur Holding», AlfaStrakhovanie, SOGAZ, Willis CIS Insurance Broker LLC, won the main prize in the nomination «The best system of insurance protection» award «Best risk management in Russia and the CIS — 2014». In July AlfaStrakhovanie became the first company in Russia launched the online sales of classic casco for owners of the new cars.

In August AlfaStrakhovanie launched sales of the two products in the field of international health insurance to cover a wide range of diseases, including oncology, cardiovascular disease, transplantology: AlfaSynopsis and AlfaUltraCare.

In September AlfaStrakhovanie launched Russia’s first online insurance product for businesses — AlfaOfis. The product will allow tenants to insure civil liability to third parties.

Ratings of AlfaStrakhovanie were confirmed by International rating agency Fitch Ratings. Rating of financial stability (RFS) on the national scale was estimated at the «AA-level» and at the «BB-level» on the international scale with the stable outlooks.

The Company’s top management achieved leading positions in the annual authoritative rating «TOP-1000 Russian managers», a joint project of Association of Managers and Kommersant publishing house for the eleventh time. In the final list of the rating AlfaStrakhovanie’s applicants are presented in six functional areas.

In November 2014 AlfaStrakhovanie Group opened the sales of the product category «smart insurance» — Extra Smart Casco — a service for the insurance telematics.

In November AlfaStrakhovanie won «RuStrahovka Awards», awarded in the field of promotion of insurance services on the Internet, in the category «Insurance Company with the widest range of products presented on the site».

In November Expert RA recognized AlfaStrakhovanie as a market leader in financial risk insurance.

In November 2014 AlfaStrakhovanie Group opened the sales of the product category «smart insurance» — Extra Smart Casco — a service for the insurance telematics.

2013 In January AlfaStrakhovanie’s «Doomsday insurance» project was chosen by the administration of the world’s largest social network — Facebook — and was presented in the Facebook Studio. It’s an official gallery of the most interesting and creative projects that were executed in the network. AlfaStrakhovanie became the first and only Russian brand represented in the Facebook Studio gallery since its launch.

In February Fitch Ratings international rating agency changed its forecast of the AlfaStrakhovanie from Stable to Positive and confirmed the current rating of the liability A+ (rus).

In February AlfaStrakhovanie and OZON travel-agency launched the joint project of the cancellation insurance.

In April Russian rating agency Expert Ra for the tenth time confirmed AlfaStrakhovanie`s highest level A++ of liability.

In May AlfaStrakhovanie got an award of «RuStrahovka Awards» for the online promotion of the insurance products and also took a special prize in nomination «The most convenient to use website of the insurance company».

In August AlfaStrakhovanie took the first place in the Insurance Website Rank 2013, published by Markswebb Rank&Report analytical agency.

AlfaStrakhovanie became a winner in the prestigious annual award «The Golden Salamander» in the nominations «The new insurance product» and «Car insurance». Also IT-director of the company won the special prize «The best IT-director».

Top-managers of AlfaStrakhovanie for the tenth time took the leading positions in the annual rating «The top-1000 Russian managers», a joint project of the Russian Association of managers and Kommersant publishing house.

In November within the The Future Of The Insurance Market Annual Forum AlfaStrakhovanie got a prize as a leader of the property insurance.

AlfaNEWS Newspaper became a laureate of the Silver Threads 2013.

In November the company became a winner of Global Banking & Finance Review awards as the best insurance provider in Russia.

In December The site of the company became a winner of Retail Finance Awards 2013.

AlfaNEWS became a winner of Proba-IPRA Golden Worls Awards as the best corporate media.

2012 In 2012 AlfaStrakhovanie celebrated 20 years since its founding. Over the past 10 years the company has moved from 10th to 5th place in the ranking of the largest players in the insurance market, having increased the aggregate market share of almost 3 times.

AlfaStrakhovanie became a winner of the prestigious annual award «The Golden Salamander» in the nominations «The voluntary health insurance», " Liability insurance" and got three special prizes — «The innovation of the year: the new insurance product» for the property insurance product «Hot` potop!» , «The best insurance product in e-commerce» for the joint projects of air passengers insurance and «The innovation of the year — IT-project of the year» for the integration of innovation systems.

The clinics of Alfa-Health Center were opened in Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don and Moscow. The network of the clinics expanded to 12 universal medical centers in the capital and regions of the country.

The property insurance product of AlfaStrakhovanie «Hot` potop!» was marked by Retail Finance Awards as «Creative product of the year».

In February AlfaStrakhovanie became first in the rating of the fastest growing companies of the financial sector according to the Secret Firmi Magazine.

In March AlfaStrakhovanie and the leader of the world medical market insurance DKV Globality launched Alfa Globality CoGenio product, which provides medical services of the highest level worldwide.

In April the Russian rating agency Expert RA confirmed AlfaStrakhovanie`s highest level A++ of liability for the ninth time.

In May AlfaStrakhovanie got a special award for active promotion of the mortgage insurance from the Agency for housing mortgage lending.

In July AlfaStrakhovanie launched the new version of the site, which provides an unique opportunity for clients to get insurance products online. Travel insurance, home insurance and property insurance products become available online.

In September top-managers of AlfaStrakhovanie took the leading positions in the annual rating «The top-1000 Russian managers», a joint project of the Russian Association of managers and Kommersant publishing house.

In November AlfaStrakhovanie became an award «The leader of the air insurance» within the «The future of the insurance market» forum, held by Expert RA rating agency.
2011 In the beginning of 2011 AlfaStrakhovanie Group launched AlfaFINANCE. It allows to invest money in such a way that even in case of an unfavorable market situation the client could recover 100% of investment.

According to the magazine «Secret Firmi», included in Kommersant publishing house, AlfaStrakhovanie Group took the first place in an independent rating of the most fast-growing companies in the financial sector in 2011.

In February 2011 AlfaStrakhovanie became a member of Airport’ Association of CIS Civil Aviation.

Expert RA, the leading Russian rating agency, confirmed AlfaStrakhovanie’s A++ «Extremely High Rating of Reliability» rank.

In April the acquisition of ‘Moscow’ Insurance Company, a subsidiary of ‘Aeroflot — Russian Airlines’ PLC, and integration of AsStra Moscow insurance company was completed.

The corporate newspaper of AlfaStrakhovanie became a laureate of the «Press Service of 2010» All-Russia competition. The newspaper was recognized as one of the best in «Corporate Media» nomination.

Ratings of AlfaStrakhovanie were confirmed by International rating agency Fitch Ratings: with a «Stable» rating of financial stability (RFS) and «A+(rus)» RFS on a national scale.

In April became a member of Union of Aerospace Insurers (IUAI).

AlfaStrakhovanie became a winner of «GOSkontrakT», an award in the public procurements sphere, in «Insurance Organizations» special nomination.

«The Good Luck Policy» cartoon by AlfaStrakhovanie became the winner of International Internet award «PROpeller Digital — 2011» at Yalta Digital Forum. Promo cartoon was noted by the professional competition jury in «Virtual Promo Tools» nomination.

In June 2011 AlfaStrakhovanie became the member of «Russian Automobile Dealers» association.

In 2011 two new Alfa-Health Centers were opened in Murmansk and Tumen within the framework of its global project intended to create a network of medical centers across the country.

AlfaStrakhovanie was declared a winner of «Financial Elite of Russia 2011» awards in the Customer Service category. And AlfaStrakhovanie-Life Company was named «The Life Insurance Company of the Year».

In July 2011 Syberia Insurance Medical Company — one of the largest medical insurance companies of Russia — operating on the compulsory health insurance and VHI markets joined assets of the Group. At the end of 2011 the number of persons with compulsory health insurance issued by AlfaStrakhovanie amounted to 10.5 million people.

AlfaStrakhovanie Group became a laureate of «Golden Salamander» award in three nominations: «Insurance Internet Project of the Year», «Innovation of the Year in Insurance» in «IT Project of the Year» category and was also honored with out-of-competition «Management of Insurance Reserves» award. At this award AlfaStrakhovanie-Life Company was recognized as a winner in «Innovation of the Year in Insurance» nomination in «Marketing Project of Year» category.

In August the authoritative international magazine World Finance recognized AlfaStrakhovanie as the best Russian insurance company of 2011.

In September 2011 AlfaStrakhovanie’s management achieved leading positions in the annual authoritative rating «TOP-1000 of Russian managers», a joint project of Association of Managers and Kommersant publishing house.

In November AlfaStrakhovanie was named a laureate of V annual forum «The Future of the Insurance market» award in «Leadership in Proprietary Insurance of Legal Entities from Fire and Other Risks» nomination.

According to a reputation audit conducted by Romir holding, AlfaStrakhovanie took one of the leading positions in the rating of consumers’ confidence in insurance companies.

In December 2011 AlfaStrakhovanie won «NAMIKS» First National Award in «The Best Insurance Company for Low-rise Housing Construction» nomination.

AlfaStrakhovanie Group in cooperation with MegaFon launched a new unique service — mobile phones insurance via SMS.

2010 In the beginning of 2010 Expert RA, the leading Russian rating agency, confirmed AlfaStrakhovanie’s A++ «Extremely High Rating of Reliability» rank.

In February 2010 AlfaStrakhovanie Group has entered the market of the compulsory health insurance.

AlfaStrahovanie was recognized as the most attractive company within the insurance sector at the annual «HR-brand» ceremony.

AlfaStrakhovanie became a winner of «GOSkontrakT», an award in the public procurements sphere, in «Provision of Services» nomination.

In 2010 four new Alfa-Health Centers were opened in Samara, Saratov, Yaroslavl, Nizhniy Novgorod.

In May 2010 AlfaStrakhovanie implemented significant projects as AlfaTRAVEL which allows to purchase insurance policies for travelers online.

AlfaStrakhovanie Group became laureate of ‘Golden Salamander’ All-Russia Insurance Award in four nominations: ‘Innovation of the Year in Insurance’, ‘The best Internet project of 2010’, ‘The best IT project of 2010’, ‘Management of Insurance Reserves’.

AlfaStrakhovanie Company was awarded ‘Financial Elite of Russia 2005—2010’, the main Russian prize in the area of finance, as the insurance company in ‘Client Recognition’ nomination.

Vladimir Skvortsov, CEO of AlfaStrakhovanie Company took part in the meeting on the development of the Russian market of insurance under the Russian Federation President.

In September 2010 AlfaStrakhovanie Company was declared winner in the contest of ‘Golden Chariot’, a national public award of Russia’s transport sector, in ‘Leader of Insurance of Organizations and Enterprises of Russia’s Transport’ nomination.

Managers of AlfaStrakhovanie Company have taken the first positions in a reputable annual rating, ‘Top 1000 Russian Managers’, a joint project of Managers Association and Kommersant Publishing House.

AlfaStrakhovanie Company became a leader of the rating of Russian insurers’ business reputation, according to the results of the reputational audit conducted by Romir Holding.

At the end of October 2010, documents on cooperation with China Life, a Chinese state-owned company, were signed in Moscow, and this allowed providing health insurance for Russian tourists in China and Chinese tourists in Russia.

In 2010 integration of the business of AVICOS-AFES Insurance Group was completed.

AlfaStrakhovanie created its Single Financial Settlements Center and Federal Record Center for our business operations.

In December 2010 AlfaStrakhovanie won the prize of SPEAR’S Russia Wealth Management Awards 2010 in ‘Insurance Company of the Year’ nomination.

In the end of 2010 AlfaStrakhovanie became laureate of the VI Annual Prize ‘Auto Dealer of the Year 2010’ in ‘Insurance Company’ nomination.

2009 In January 2009, AlfaStrahovanie Group-Life developed and launched its own web site, catering for its partners as well as private and corporate clients.

On February 12, 2009, AlfaStrahovanie Group was recognized as the most attractive company within the insurance sector at the annual "HR-brand«ceremony. Achievements of the Group were prized with bronze in the «Federal project» category.

March 2, 2009, saw the creation of a new branch within AlfaStrahovanie Group that is catering for sports industry.

On April 13, 2009, AlfaStrahovanie Group was awarded "BEST BRAND / EFFIE 2008«.The group was given due for its successful project in cooperation with the Internet portal — «Insurance with an excellent mark» award.

On April 28, 2009, winners of the national award «Financial Olympus 2008» were announced. AlfaStrahovanie Group was recognized as a leader among insurance companies in the «Customer Service» category.

On May 21, 2009, AlfaStrahovanie Group was awarded «Golden Salamander» in the «Marketing Project 2008» category for the most creative advertising campaign of the year.

On June 24, 2009, the Group opened its first clinic «Alfa- Health Centre» in Perm within the framework of its global project intended to create a network of medical centers across the country.

In August 2009, AlfaStrahovanie Group in cooperation with Alfa-Bank launched a new service — «Buying OSAGO policy on-line». Now company’s customers can subscribe or renew their policy via the Internet without leaving home.

On August 4, 2009, AlfaStrahovanie Group opened the second «Alfa-Health Centre» clinic in Kirov as part of a global project to launch a network of medical centers across the country.

September 28, 2009 — Kommersant and the Russian Managers Association published the tenth annual ranking of the best managers of the country, highlighting the most professional managers within the industries and functional areas. Out of the 8 years the rating exists, AlfaStrahovanie’s employees have been in it for 6. For second consecutive year, top managers of AlfaStrahovanie win in all the categories: Rating of top leaders 2009, Financial Directors Rating, Marketing Directors Rating, HR Directors Rating, IT Managers Rating, Corporate and Public Relations Managers Rating.

2008 On March 2, 2008, AlfaStrahovanie Group signed an agreement to acquire 100% stake in the Urals’ largest insurer — SKM .

In April 2008, according to the National Finance Rating, AlfaStrahovanie Group was recognized as market leader in service quality among insurance companies within the «Results and success» category.

In April 2008, AlfaStrahovanie Group was assigned Fitch international financial stability rating.

On April 7, 2008, «AlfaCasko 50×50» course of the Corporate University of AlfaStrahovanie Group was rated first among distance learning courses by WebSoft, a leading provider of distance learning services in Russia. Also, Group’s Corporate University received professional awards of Trainings INDEX in the category «Effective solutions to achieve company business objectives». This is the most prestigious award in the field of personnel training and development in Russia.

On April 16, 2008, AlfaStrahovanie won a prize in the «Customer Service» nomination of the annual national award in the field of finance, «Financial Olympus — 2007». AlfaStrahovanie Group in cooperation with Lowe Adventa advertizing agency developed several efficient and successful advertising campaigns: AlfaRemont and AlfaKASKO 50×50 — a unique offering in the insurance market. For its successful activities, the company received the «Golden Salamander» prize in the category «Innovation of the Year in Insurance — New Insurance Product», special attention was paid to its automotive insurance program «AlfaKASKO 50-50».

In late October 2008, NEXTEP Group in its joint project with Kommersant-Money magazine conducted a study of potential customers service quality in Moscow offices of the leading insurance companies by means of its " mystery customer method". The best result — 88% -was shown by AlfaStrahovanie Group, the insurer that is traditionally good at in key customer service segments: " Appearance of the office", "Identifying customer needs","Forming offer «.

At the awards ceremony conducted by the journal «The Retail Finance», which took place on November 28, 2008 in Moscow, AlfaStrahovanie Group won the «Creativeness of the Year» category for its most original advertisement campaign conducted in cooperation with During the advertising campaign, which was run from July 1 to November 30, 2008, users of the were given the opportunity to insure their photos. More than 6 million users took advantage of the opportunity within less than 6 months.

In December 2008, the «Federal Contact Center» was launched, rendering round the clock customer support for clients of more than 350 regional offices of AlfaStrahovanie in Russia.

On December 26, 2008, AlfaStrahovanie Group was awarded a certificate confirming that the company will ensure timely execution of all financial obligations to the client. In the medium-term, according to the estimate of Expert RA, the Group will ensure fulfillment of its obligations even in case of significant adverse changes in macroeconomic and market situation. The success of the Group is indicated by the totals for the 9 months of 2008: AlfaStrahovanie received 13872,04 mln rubles of insurance premiums and paid 5111,03 mln rubles worth of insurance compensations.

2007 June 28, 2007 — Petr Aven, President of Alfabank, elected Head of the Board of Directors.

In October 2007, according to «Expert» magazine’ «Rating of the 400 largest companies in Russia» AlfaStrahovanie Group was recognized as the fastest growing company of the insurance market with a business growth rate of 58,3% a year.

In October 2007, AlfaStrahovanie Group won first place in the service quality rating among insurance companies on the basis of research conducted by the «Kommersant-Money» magazine in cooperation with the NEXTEP Group.

In December 2007, the Group launched a program for development of life insurance products within its regional network.

In November-December 2007, AlfaStrahovanie won a series of open tenders in electrical power engineering, and took a leading position in the sector.

2006 In September 2006, AlfaStrahovanie Group introduced a mass CASCO segment product.

In October 2006, AlfaStrahovanie was rated first among insurance companies in customer service.

November 2006 — AlfaStrahovanie Group called «Best Insurance company of year 2006» by the Company magazine.

2005 In march 2005, Deputy Directors General of AlfaStrahovanie Group Svetlana Ovchinnikova and Tatiana Polonskaya entered the rating of the most influential women according to the Career magazine. Svetlana Ovchinnikova was also listed among the most successful women in Russia by the Finance magazine.

On June 15, 2005, annual stockholder’s meeting decided to increase consolidated capital to 2,5 bln. Rubles.

On October 28, 2005, AlfaStrahovanie Group was awarded Silver Brand of the Year prize in insurance nomination at BRAND OF THE YEAR/EFFIE 2005.

In October 2005, according to Managers Association Russia, Director General of AlfaStrahovanie Vladimir Skvotrsov is called «The best manager in insurance sphere».

In December 2005, Expert RA rating agency confirmed the highest A++ reliability rating assigned to AlfaStrahovanie (high level of reliability with positive perspectives). Highest rating remains valid since 2003.

In December 2005, AlfaStrahovanie agreed to purchase 100% share of limited liability company «Intersectoral Insurance Company «Avers», that were part of TAIF Group.

2004 In early 2004, AlfaStrahovanie becomes an official insurer of Moscow Foto Biennale 2004.

During the first half-year of 2004, AlfaStrahovanie Group was accredited by the largest banks: Sberbank Russia, Delta Credit Bank, Raffaisenbak Austria.

In September 2004, AlfaStrahovanie Group and Sberbank Russia agreed that AlfaStrahovanie will be insuring the property of Sberbank’s private and corporate customers that is transferred to the bank as garanties.

In December 2004, Expert RA rating agency confirmed the highest A++ reliability rating assigned to AlfaStrahovanie in 2003. Being rated so means that the company has a highest probability of meeting its engagement even in unfavorable economic conditions

In the end of 2004, the magazine «Company» called AlfaStrahovanie Group «Company of the year» in its «Insurance» nomination.

2003 In 2003, AlfaStahovanie Group starts to provide obligatory insurance against motor vehicle liability. Limited liability company AlfaStrakhovanie — Life LLC, that specializes in accumulation life assurance, is created within the group.

2002 In the beginning of 2002, consolidated capital of AlfaStrahovanie Group reached 1,9 bln. rubles..

In January 2002, according to the results of open competition, AlfaStrahovanie Group is accredited by Moscow Audit Chamber. The group was granted the right of insuring construction of facilities ordered by Gosstroi of Russia.

2001 In February 2001, the company receives accreditation of Russian Sea Navigation Register classification society. On the same year, according to tender held by State Customs Committee of Russian Federation, «V.E.St.A.» is included in the registry of banks and other organizations that are allowed to act as guarantor before customs authorities. The company receives the license for tour operator and tour agency professional risks insurance, as well as insurance for hydraulic facilities’ owners’ liability to third party for health and property damage. «V.E.St.A.» became general insurer of Third International Theater Olympiad, insured a most rare collection of 150 films brought to XXIII Moscow International Cinema Festival from New York.

In October 2001, experience and resources of insurance companies «Eastern European Insurance Agency», «Alfa-Guarantees» and «Ostra-Kiev» are united under a new brand name — AlfaStrakovanie. The Board of Directors assigns Denis Kiselev Director General.

Simultaneously, a new large-scale advertisement campaign is launched. Four channels of Russian television show AlfaStrahovanie commercials. Street advertising is employed widely, popular newspapers and magazines feature group’s ads. Analysis of the campaign shows that recognizability of the new brand reached 85%.

According to the Russian Ministry of Finance, the company takes second place in amount of collected premium for 2001.

2000 In 2000, «V.E.St.A.» makes 11 space-risk related contracts. It becomes the member of Russian and Moscow Chambers of Commerce and Industry, acts as general insurer of pop star shows, plays staged by Paris Lido theater, Kremlin Cup tennis tournaments, Moscow International Jewelry Fair and many others.

On November 20, 2000, a partner agreement between Alfa-Group consortium and Public corporation «Eastern European Insurance Agency» was signed. The agreement was aimed at developing insurance business in cooperation and starting bank insurance business utilizing consortium’s investments and debt capital.

On June 23, 2000, Alfa-Guarantees insurance company was created. Alfa-Gruop — one of the largest financial and industrial groups in Russia became its promoter.

On September 25, 2000, Alfa-Guarantees receives its license № 2983 D from the Ministry of Finance of Russian Federation , and starts provision of 37 insurance types. High reputation of Alfa brand assists to attract larger Russian and foreign companies that eagerly become customers of Alfa-Guarantees.

In September 2000, Insurance company Alfa-Guarantees in cooperation with Eastern European Insurance Agency brings to life its program of insuring the children of the crew of nuclear submarine Kursk that sunk in Barents Sea. 75 children insured according to life insurance program. First payments made in February 2002.

In the first half-year of 2002, authorized capital of «V.E.St.A.» Public Corporation increased to 300 mln. rubles.

1999 In 1999, «V.E.St.A.» becomes a member of Finno-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The company insures international scientific research in space. Once again it is accredited by the Gosstroy of Russian Federation. The company negotiates contract to insure against responsibility to third party during the launch of telecommunication satellite «Express -A» No.1.

1998 In 1998, «V.E.St.A.» enters the Ship Owner’s Responsibility Insurance Pool and provides its services to Fedor Konuhov, who participates in the Around Alone round-the-world race, insuring his life and yacht. «V.E.St.A.» joins the Dangerous Manufacturing Facilities Insurance Pool.

1997 In 1997, «V.E.St.A.» initiates creation of the Russian Nuclear Insurance Pool. The company continues to maintain leadership on the market of electronics transportation insurance.

1996 In 1996, «V.E.St.A.» begins to implement its program of insurance of foreign property that belongs to Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Insurance program against nuclear risks is maintained. The campany becomes the official insurer of the Kremlin Cup international tennis tournament.

1995 In 1995, «V.E.St.A.» wins in the contest organized by the Russian Federation Ministry of Construction, and becomes the head of Coordinating Counsel for Insurance. Starting from that date, «V.E.St.A.» begins to provide insurance of construction companies’ professional liability on the licensing and erection stages. Within the same year, the company starts to insure the property of Goszagransobstvennost abroad and national economy companies using equipment and devices containing radioactive materials.

1994 In 1994, «V.E.St.A.» ddevelops a law court insurance program, establishes partner relations with Baltic and Far Eastern steamship lines.

A program of insurance against space launch risks is developed. Satellites from «Horizont», «Ekran-5», «Express» series and many others insured by «V.E.St.A.» The same year sees the start of new promising long-term projects intended to increase the volume of insurance market through cooperation with governmental and stare organizations and institutions. Company’s own insurance agent training center is opened, a regional insurance program is developed and implemented. The company starts to provide personal insurance services.
1993 In 1993, the company is quickly gaining new clients and broadens the scope of its services. It makes a car insurance contract with Promstroibank and Moskovskaya Pravda publishing house, provides property insurance to REUTER’S agency, and becomes the first among Russia’s insurers to develop a mobile phone insurance program in partnership with «Moskovskaya Sotovaya Svyaz» public company.

1992 1992. Public corporation «Eastern European Insurance Agency» («V.E.St.A.») was created as early as 1992, with RSTB, Russian National Commercial Bank, Vostok-Zapad Investment Bank, Avaizapchst PC, ASALMAZ and a few largest exporters and importers from ATEKS Holding among its constitutors.

September 8, 1992. «V.E.St.A.» is awarded license No. 418 of the Ministry of Finance of Russian Federation for insurance activity.

At first the company caters only for its original constitutors as export-import cargo, automotive and property insurer. In the same year «V.E.St.A.» opens its first subsidiary in Chelyabinsk.

At first the company caters only for its original constitutors as export-import cargo, automotive and property insurer. In the same year «V.E.St.A.» opens its first subsidiary in Chelyabinsk.

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